Yes, we're poor drivers: Speeders, red light runners, inattentive drivers common threats (VIDEO)

Published: Friday, September 6, 2013 at 17:14 PM.

"Speeders are our biggest problem," Pereira said, followed by impatient drivers running stoplights.

Even as he spoke, Mulbach, staged at the Tom Thumb on the corner or State Road 85 and P.J. Adams Parkway, radioed a description of a tractor-trailer that ran a red light at the intersection.

Drivers breaking the law even when officers are parked and watching traffic is not uncommon. Those drivers are so distracted they don't even notice patrollers, Pereira said.

"I never try to hide," Pereira said. "I have a big, white car. They can see me. There's other places I could sit and be more discreet but I want them to see me and know we're enforcing traffic law."

Poor training

Patrolling 30-mph Aplin Road, where speeding is a problem, Pereira soon netted a 16-year-old Crestview High School student driving 43 mph. Her car had a radar detector — and a classmate passenger.

"This'll probably be all around the high school by lunchtime," Pereira said as he completed the ticket. He hoped the experience would encourage the young driver to be more attentive.

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