Yes, we're poor drivers: Speeders, red light runners, inattentive drivers common threats (VIDEO)


Main: Officer José Pereira, observing traffic on State Road 85 near John King Road, deploys a new laser speed detector. Top right: Radar mounted on Officer JoséPereira's dashboard registers a driver's 45 mph speed on 30-mph Aplin Road. Speeding is one of the city's worst traffic problems, Pereira said. Bottom right: One of the Crestview Police Department's new laser speed detectors registers a vehicle's 47-mph speed. The "minus" sign indicates the vehicle was traveling away from the police officer when its speed was taken.

Published: Friday, September 6, 2013 at 17:14 PM.

CRESTVIEW — Many local drivers complain about their fellow motorists, but are they as bad as that?

The answer is yes, traffic officers say.

"My belief is the biggest reason we've become bad drivers in the last five years is inattentiveness," Crestview Police Department traffic division officer JoséPereira said.

Watch video of routine Crestview Police Department traffic division enforcement and Officer José Pereira explaining why so many motorists drive poorly>>

Texting, answering and making phone calls, applying makeup, fiddling with onboard electronics and other distractions cause accidents such as rear-end crashes, driving off the road and sideswipes.

"It scares me when people drive the way they do," Pereira. "You can't watch out for the other driver if you're texting or talking on the phone."

And the state's lightweight new law against texting while driving is ineffective, he added, because it is a secondary offense and people know it.

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