CRESTVIEW — Bob Sikes Elementary School was locked down for 10 minutes earlier today following a false alarm on Ridgelake Drive.

According to Crestview Police Department spokesman Brian Hughes, a family that lives on Ridgelake Drive was returning home from shopping when someone accidentally called 911 from their car. The call was picked up by a dispatcher as well as the bluetooth in a patrol car. The sound of children and commotion from the car was concerning to police because it sounded like an incident in progress, Hughes said.

When the family arrived home, they noticed the door had been unlocked and called police a second time intentionally concerned about a burglary. As officers arrived, the sound of the sirens got Boib Sikes' school resource officer’s attention and the SRO decided to lock down the school.

The lockdown was lifted when it was determined that the 911 calls were a false alarm.