CRESTVIEW — Numerous and Facebook readers shared their thoughts on Crestview's medical marijuana decision.

Here are some of their comments.



Not sure what Councilman Hayes means, "another Colorado on our hands." Is he referring to the millions in tax revenue they are reaping and Crestview does not need more income. Take a look around town at how badly [we] are starting to look. Start with the sidewalks. Pitiful. My rant is over for now, thanks for reading and don't forget to vote next election.

Larry W. Nutter 



What’s wrong in Colorado? What I’ve heard is they have a huge tax surplus. Also this is about medical marijuana not recreational. This is a travesty. I am outraged.

Nancy Gisser Meiselman



What is wrong with Colorado? The schools have more money than ever, opioid overdose deaths are way down, and dispensaries provide employment. Only thing I see wrong with Colorado is it's way too cold for way too long, lol.

Lori Hulion



Let's deny people something that could enhance their quality of life and instead keep building McDonald’s on every corner. We can have multiple liquor stores and a sex toy shop, but not medical marijuana, which is proven to help people. Not only that, but the people have spoken! We said yes in an overwhelming number.

Leslie E Brown



How dare these people deny the will of the people who voted for this. Our voice should be heard! This council member should have to go face the people that need this and tell them no, their lives and quality of life [are] not worthy... they need to be voted out of office. Looking at Crestview; I know they don't know what's best for us. Is there a way for the people of Crestview to go over these people to the state level?

Kimberly Mathis


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