In an age when so many people spend so much time sitting or who are doing nothing, let's celebrate the people who are doing something. Celebrate their living.

I've always been blessed with energy. Energy is a good asset. As a young adult growing up I wanted to be in the middle of whatever was going on. I always enjoyed playing sports, swimming in the lake or creek, riding a bicycle for miles or being in the middle of the dance floor. I've always enjoyed movement. [Conversely], I can sit for three hours and read, meditate and write and actually tremendously enjoy it. There is something beautiful about life between two and five o'clock in the morning when you can be more creative than you've ever imagined. Try it sometime. It's quiet and you can hear God a little better.

I grew up in an era when old-time ministers preached against going to movies, rock and roll, dancing and of course smoking and drinking and gambling. I never wanted to smoke, drink or gamble but I loved movies, music and dancing. I was sad this when I learned Fats Domino had died at the age of 89. My brother brought one of his albums home from college when I was a kid. We had an old stereo and I would dance through that album, all twelve songs, at least three times in a row.

Would we not all wish for people to be out dancing and doing something physically active?  This would be better than sitting in the house staring at cell phones, computers and televisions or sitting around gossiping about others.

There is a point to this column and the point is do not let other people stop you from activity. Be active in life. Be out and about. Be doing something.

Applaud yourself and others if you have the emotional and physical wherewithal to jump up from your chair and go to work, sing, dance, mow the yard, chop down a tree, jog down the road, preach a 30-minute sermon, golf or fish all day, write a book, paint a picture, wash down the house, start a new venture — but rejoice for activity and feeling like you want to live.

It's a sign that you are really alive! Enjoy and live it!

Glenn Mollette is an American syndicated columnist and author.

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