This is an open apology to the Crestview News Bulletin, the [Northwest Florida] Daily News, and to all businesses and citizens in Okaloosa County and in surrounding areas.

As you know, over a year ago I made a big mistake trying to help someone whom I thought was a friend that turned out to be a snake in the grass. Because of that, my organization [the Brotherhood of Love] suffered a lot of hurt and pain. A lot of people that trusted and believed in me suffered too.

At that time, I said to myself that I wasn't going to care for anyone else or to help anyone else. But in the last year and a couple months, I have received a lot of phone calls and a lot of people knocking on my door asking for help.

That let me know that a lot of people still believe in what I was doing: to help people with food, clothes and anything to assist them in their day-to-day needs so that they can move forward and progress in life.

Now that I know what I did was wrong, I've asked God to forgive me and to give me another chance to prove myself. So, I'm asking the news media and all businesses and citizens to forgive me for the mistake I made. But remember, we are all human. Don't let one mistake cause others to hurt and suffer.

I am very sorry for my mistake. I've made an error and see my mistake and I will try not to let something like this happen ever again. I've seen and realized a new way of doing things. It's a new time, a new day, and a new way.

You will not hear the name of The Brotherhood of Love again. It's gone in the past. Let the past be buried and move forward to a new future. The name of the new organization is The New Way of Life Outreach Ministry, always giving a helping hand, and to God be the glory.

We are now preparing for our Thanksgiving events and our Christmas donations. We are in a new location at 398 N. Spring St., in Crestview.

We are now accepting donations of food, toys, clothes, furniture, appliances, monetary donations, and anything that God puts in your heart to give. We are going to try to do what we can to make a change come about.

There are so many kids and teenagers that we are losing to the streets, drugs, the gang-related shootings; young girls in prostitution, fathers against sons, and mothers against daughters. When will this stop or how long will we let this go on?

This is not just for the citizens and businesses in Okaloosa County. It's for anyone that wants to take part and help a worthy cause.

Call me, Gary Johnson, or my wife, Doris, at 229-379-1741 or 850-398-0431, for more information.

Thank you very much in advance and may God bless you during the holidays.


Gary Johnson