CRESTVIEW — A man who said he fraudulently obtained a Walmart gift card in order to feed his child was arrested for retail theft.

According to the Crestview Police Department, on Oct. 15 the 23-year-old man walked into a Walmart store with no merchandise in his hand. While in the store, he picked up a car seat worth $81 and took it to the customer service desk to “return” it and obtained a gift card for $81.

A loss prevention associate reviewing security camera footage saw the man make the fraudulent exchange and contacted police. When police went to the man’s home to confront him, he told them he had a receipt for the car seat. When police told him they had security camera footage showing otherwise, the man did not say anything and was placed under arrest.

While in the patrol car on the way to the county jail, the man confessed to the crime and told the officer he “made the fraudulent return in order to feed his child.”

The man was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor.