CRESTVIEW — Okaloosa Head Start and Early Head Start held a breast cancer awareness parade Friday in Crestview. Students from ages 1-5, some of their parents and staff members at the center on Edney Avenue West in Crestview gathered for the event.

It began with a brief speech from Head Start employee Toni Taylor. She reminded students that they learned about breast cancer survivors and other people who were ill from various types of cancer. She said some of them have family members and other people they know who have been or are sick from cancer, including herself and some of her colleagues. They also learned about how doctors work to find a cure for people that are sick.

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"We're still here. So we're still fighting for the cause. So what are we going to do? We're going to walk," she said.

With a chorus of yes ma'ams and agreements, the group began the walk chanting "Fight, fight, win, win" along the way. Participants wore a mixture of tie-dyed and decorated T-shirts with slogans such as "Fight cancer," "Sock It to Cancer" and "Be The Hope" on them. Some also had the words Love, Strength, Hope and Faith on them.

In class, they made ribbons, painted with the color pink, made rattles, and did other activities in recognition of breast cancer awareness.