CRESTVIEW — When a resident reported finding a backpack filled with assorted prescription medications Oct. 10, Crestview Police Officer Corey Newcomb was tasked with counting the bottles, envelopes and bags of pills, tablets and capsules.

But thanks to The Prescription Shoppe Pharmacy, counting the next haul of outdated pharmaceuticals or suspected illegal narcotics will be much easier.

Pharmacist and owner Lynn Garrett donated three professional pill counters and a supply of spatulas used to sort the pills to the Police Department. The trays with an attached receptacle are the same that pharmacists use when they dole out prescription tablets and capsules.

“It’s going to make the job a lot easier,” Patrol Division Commander Andrew Schneider said. “It’s important that our officers have an accurate count when they seize suspected illegal narcotics. An error one way or another could mean the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor, and could result in a drug dealer being back on the street faster.”

Police Chief Tony Taylor said the donation is yet another example of how local businesses cooperate with law enforcement for the benefit of all Crestview residents.

“When businesses and citizens step up to the plate like this, everybody benefits," Taylor said. "Well, except for the drug dealers, maybe.”