Dear editor,

On Sept. 5, Jimmy Wrye submitted an opinion about the need for a traffic sensor on the left-hand turn lane onto John King Road from Highway 85. I take that route home every day, and I’d like to share another angle on this issue:

Southbound drivers on Highway 85 who want to get to the Tom Thumb on that corner have to get into that same turn lane and then turn left into the Tom Thumb right after they get onto John King. Then they have to stop and wait for oncoming traffic on John King to pass. I see this every day when I drive home from work at approximately 4:30 pm.

I propose the city should build a concrete barrier down the center line of John King to prevent drivers from turning left into the Tom Thumb. Drivers would have to go up a bit farther and turn around to get to the Tom Thumb.

Similar center-line concrete barriers have been successful at the corner of Highway 85 and PJ Adams Parkway in south Crestview and the corner of Highway 90 and Antioch Road in Milligan.

The Crestview City Council has stated many times that Highway 85 is a state road and improvements to it are not within the city of Crestview’s jurisdiction. However, that portion of John King is within Crestview city limits.




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