Because of our visit from your friend and mine, Irma, and the evacuees from Florida, parts of Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, I'm not sure whether some of the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast Conference games will be played on schedule, rescheduled or canceled all together. (Editor's Note: As of this writing, the following information should be correct, according to Google's college football schedules.)

Most of all, I hope everyone is safe and that we all can eventually get back to normal and enjoy the SEC/ACC games we all love so much.

As for now, I'll write as if both conferences can play all scheduled games on Sept. 16.

Here are your 10 picks for the week plus a tie breaker for Sept. 16.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish versus Boston College Eagles: Both teams are 1-1. Notre Dame is really upset in more ways than one and is going to take it out on the Eagles. Notre Dame by 10.

2. Clemson Tigers vs. Louisville Cardinals: The Tigers quarterback showed a bit of weakness last week and the Cardinals are going after him on each play. This could be a very big upset in the making, but again the Tigers pull it out, winning by 1.

3. Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida State Seminoles (rescheduled to Oct. 7): The Seminoles feel they get no respect in the state of Florida. Miami will have a big loss to the Little Brother of Florida State by 7.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: There is no rodeo at Heinz Field Stadium. Pitt by only 3.

5. California Baylor Bears vs. Duke Blue Devils: The Bears found another buzz saw, with the Devils winning by 26 or more.

6. Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators: The Vols have only two more teams that they will beat. Florida and UMass are the two. After that it’s all downhill from there. This is a close one, but Tennessee will come up with the win by 2.

7. Kentucky Wildcats vs. South Carolina Gamecocks: The teams are alike and are both 2-0. The team that can control the ground game is the winner. Gamecocks by 7.

8. Louisiana State University Tigers vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs: This is an upset in the making, with four teams in the SEC/West looking to win. This game will thin it out a bit, with a Bulldogs big win by 10.

9. Ole Miss Rebels vs. California Golden Bears: Ole Miss is having problems feeding the team with all this west coast food. Ole Miss will win a quick 60-minute game by 21, and go back home to ribs, grits, biscuits and gravy.

10. Colorado State Rams vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: How do you stop a train? The Crimson Tide Train by 20.

TIE BREAKER: SMU Mustangs vs. TCU Horned Frogs: A stampede is coming to Fort Worth, Texas, with the Horned Frogs corralling and taming the Mustangs: TCU by 16.

I hope everyone is safe from this horrible Hurricane Irma and the path of destruction it is leaving behind. And no, we have not forgotten all the people over in Houston.

Maybe, just maybe, you can find a bit of enjoyment for just a few minutes this Saturday, Sept. 16, knowing your team is beating its competitor up and down the field.

Bill Everett is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and lives in the Baker area.