DESTIN — A Pace man was charged with boating while intoxicated earlier this month after two law officers saw him speed up in a no wake zone on his personal watercraft and flip the vessel, tossing himself and his two children into the water on the east side of Crab Island.

According to the arrest report released by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, two officers stopped the 39-year-old man for violating the no wake idle speed zone law, tied his watercraft to the side of their boat and immediately noticed that his eyes were glassy and his speech slurred.

The officers began to question the man — who was mostly unresponsive until he admitted that he had a few drinks at a restaurant on Crab Island, the report said. The officers then asked the man to come onto their boat for a field sobriety test.

On the boat, the man was unable to follow directions during most of the tests, failing the finger-to-nose test nine times and being unable to clap his hands on cue for a hand coordination test.

After failing the field sobriety test, the man was arrested for boating under the influence and taken to the Coast Guard Station, where he agreed to a breathalyzer. The results of two samples indicated that he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.166 and 0.156, exceeding the legal limit of 0.08, according to his arrest report.

His children, who were 7 and 14, were unharmed after being thrown from the personal watercraft.