CRESTVIEW — An Aqua Drive resident in Crestview contacted the News Bulletin Aug. 23 with the question: "Can you find out why south Crestview smells like a sewage plant today?" She said a friend of hers on Airport Road was also asking "why Crestview smells so bad today."

We contacted the Crestview Public Services department to see if a local sewage spill had occurred. Public Services Director Wayne Steele said no spills have been reported by Water & Sewer crews.

"We have people check all of our lift stations every day. Normally we'll know about (spills or other problems) before or as soon as a resident does," Steele said.

He said issues such as sour water or natural gas being released could also cause that problem.

"It's not uncommon to have some issues with the rain and heat we've been having," Steele said.

He then asked for an address so he could dispatch an employee to assess the situation.

Steele said residents who experience out-of-the-ordinary sewage smells in their area are welcome to contact Water and Sewer, 682-6132, to report the problem.

"Let us know and we'll be glad to check into it," Steele said.