CRESTVIEW — A vehicle reported stolen Aug. 21 after its owner left it unlocked with her keys in the center console overnight has been recovered by the Crestview Police Department.

The 2017 Ford Fusion was discovered missing when the victim attempted to leave for work the morning the vehicle disappeared. In addition to her car key, she left her house and mailbox keys in the vehicle, as well as her wallet, she reported.

A resident located some belongings the resident left in the vehicle, including its owner’s manual and registration, near his nephew’s school bus stop at Steeplechase and Secretariat.

Crestview Police investigators recovered the car the following morning in a grassy lot near some woods off Crooked Pine Trail.

The officers sealed the doors and trunk and had the car towed to the Police Department’s impound lot where it was searched for evidence.

“People need to remember to take their valuables, including wallets, out of their cars at night and lock their vehicles and take their keys with them,” Sgt. Ray Harp of the CPD Investigations Division said.

Because the case is still under active investigation, no further details are available, according to the CPD.