Two local restaurants were temporarily closed last week after inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation found high-priority violations.

The KFC at 511 N. Ferdon Boulevard in Crestview was closed Aug. 7 after the inspector found a plumbing problem that needed to be corrected.

The inspector also found seven basic violations, several of which also involved plumbing issues. Clogged drains caused a questionable odor and left standing water, which employees were walking through, according to the report.

The license was also not displayed, nor had it been for previous three inspections, and there was no Heimlich maneuver sign posted.

When the inspector returned the following day, the questionable odor remained, as well as other smaller issues, but the major plumbing problem had been corrected, the report said.

The restaurant reopened Aug. 8.

The New Dragon Buffet at 34904 Emerald Coast Parkway in Destin was also closed Aug. 7, but did not reopen until Aug. 9., the report said.

High-priority violations on the initial visit included improper storage of food items, including raw chicken, as well as roach activity, the report said.

The inspector counted 10 live roaches, including eight that were observed on a table. There were also six live flying insects in the kitchen and the dish sanitizing machine was set at the proper minimum strength, the report said.

"Encrusted material" was also found on the can opener blade and the interior of the walk-in cooler was soiled, the report said.

When the inspector returned the following day, he found 10 more live roaches as well as 13 dead ones in the kitchen. The dead roaches were removed and any of the live roaches that could be killed were while the inspector was present, the report said.

The entire restaurant was treated by a pest control company Aug. 8.

The inspector came back a third time after the pest control treatment and found eight live roaches.

When the inspector returned Aug. 9, all of the violations had been corrected and the restaurant reopened.