CRESTVIEW — Numerous and Facebook readers shared their thoughts on local issues. 

Here are some of their comments. 


Talk of nuclear war

It's just sad that we're just talking about this like it's nothing at all. I'm scared and I don't want any of us to die like this. It's [B.S.] and we had better do everything in our power to make sure that we don't destroy our beautiful world in nuclear war.

Patty Stepro


Forecasting road improvements

Well, I really thought I would never see the Fairchild Road "pig trail" paved. But after officials talked about it since 1964 it finally happened this year and boy is it nice!

So at that rate, since SR 85 has only been talked about since around the year 2000 I'd say ya have about 36 years to wait yet to match the Fairchild wait.

Daniel Crawley 


About Crestview’s retiring reference librarian

Sandra [Dreaden] has always been a tireless advocate for education. Her energy, professionalism, and toughness are legendary.

Tricia Gould


Praise for Laurel Hill coverage

Thank you, Genevieve DiNatale, for taking time to come to Laurel Hill and attending our City Council meetings. It is refreshing to have [an] unbiased reporter that is always willing report the facts.

Even if we are a small city.

Taking the extra steps and representing North Okaloosa is very much appreciated. We look forward to reading [and] viewing your articles. Keep up the good work.

Kathy Moneypenny 



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