CRESTVIEW — Florida Senator George Gainer will attend a Crestview town hall on city transportation issues.

Gainer completed his first legislative session recently as chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. During that session, he received a proposal from the Crestview City Council requesting assistance for the town's highest priority road project. He requested $1.75 million in state budget funds to fix the Crestview road project, which Gov. Rick Scott vetoed.

The first part of Gainer's visit consists of a 9 a.m. meeting Aug. 7 with Crestview Mayor David Cadle, city council president JB Whitten, and a Crestview Public Services Department representative.

Gainer's Crestview itinerary includes an 11 a.m. tour of North Crestview, a working lunch at noon with city business leaders at the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce, and a public town hall meeting.

The town hall is 1-3 p.m. Aug. 7 at the Warrior's Hall, 201 Stillwell Blvd., Crestview. The public, including residents from Gainer's district, may come listen to the senator, make comments and ask questions at the event.

Afterward, city officials will take Gainer to PJ Adams Parkway to further discuss projects planned for that area.