CRESTVIEW – A suspect who claimed to have been raped but could provide no evidence was Baker Acted for his own protection.

The man, who broke into a home and took a shower, told Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he felt like he’d been raped, but did not want to answer any questions. He was naked and under the influence of some type of drug at the time, according to the OCSO offense report.

The deputy read him his rights and then asked if he wanted to report a crime.

“I do,” the man said. “I’ve been raped or I feel like I’ve been raped.”

He started speaking in gibberish and an unrecognizable dialect, the deputy noted.

The man had just taken a shower in the burglarized home when deputies arrived.

There were no signs of anyone else in the home at the time and no evidence the beds had been used.

He was removed from the jail and taken to the hospital for mental health issues, the report said.