CRESTVIEW — Classroom and warehouse facilities are under construction at 5693 John Givens Road.

Mark Siner, with Choctaw Engineering, the engineering firm hired for the project, said Munitions Technology is behind the development. The government-contracted company specializes in ammunition and training aids.

The building will be used as a training facility for civilian purposes, according to Rick Rausch of Triple R Construction, the company hired to construct the facility.

Rausch said the facility will be 4,000 square feet and should be completed within the next 30 days.

John Givens Road is within the jurisdiction of Okaloosa County, therefore the county’s building department handles its licensing. According to Melissa Martinez, a planner with the Growth Management department, the application Triple R Construction submitted only states that it is for a classroom addition and a warehouse addition, with no further information.

“From what I understand, whatever products they sell, they wanted to have some room to bring people in to have marketing presentations and things like that,” Siner said.

“When we say it’s a classroom, we are defining it as a big open space … Part of it is going to be warehouse space for them to store their product.”

Building permits for the adjacent address, 5692 John Givens Road, show the first permit Munitions Technology filed on Jan. 14, 2015 was to add three additional walls for offices.

The company added three more walls in late January 2015 and remodeled restrooms in a warehouse in 2016.