CRESTVIEW— Local children can bowl at no charge this summer at Shoal River Bowling Center.

The bowling center takes part in a national program called Kids Bowl Free. Children who register with the program at can bowl two games for free per day during June, July and August. 

According to Grady Rathel, an employee at the bowling center, kids can bowl for free in Crestview and at their sister center, Fort Walton Beach Bowl. The only amount the children have to pay is $3 for shoe rental.

“It’s been bringing quite a bit of business,” Rathel said last week. “We’ve been staying pretty busy. That’s all I’ve been ringing up all day long...”

There is another option when registering: parents can receive a family pass, and parents can bowl two free games with their children, according to Rathel.

Although this deal saves families money, the bowling center is still making funds through other means. 

“We ring it up, we get credits for sales,” Rathel said. “If you get moms and dads to come bowling, they are going to eat, they are going to drink, and so then we make money at our snack bar facility. 

"The more you bring, the more you feed, the more money you have to spend.”