CRESTVIEW— A new assisted living facility is in the works on West Redstone Avenue in Crestview.

Eden of Crestview will be an assisted living and memory care facility that will include 120 units, according to Lea Patel, the spokesperson for Eden.

“We will probably be breaking ground this fall,” Patel said. “That’s our plan; if the city of Crestview moves fast, then maybe quicker. It’s just planning and zoning and issues like that.”

According to Patel, the construction will be done in two phases; phase one will begin with construction and licensing. Phase two will depend on a number of residents, and the number of residents will depend on the demand of the community.

From the time construction starts, completion should be within approximately one year, according to Patel.

“We look forward to serving the community,” Patel said. “We’ve had a very nice response from Crestview.”


Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article erroneously referred to the area in question as North Crestview.