Dear Editor,

Repealing Obamacare would be a personal catastrophe for tens of millions of Americans who have done nothing wrong. Their lives and livelihoods are hanging in the balance.

These are real people—parents, children, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. They are women who need prenatal care to have healthy babies. They are sons and daughters who need chemotherapy to fight cancer. They are kids who need inhalers to keep asthma attacks at bay.

My adult daughter has a mental health issue and has never been able to receive coverage before the ACA nor help with endometriosis. Losing that coverage now would destroy the quality of life she's just attaining.

It is terrifying.

Matt Gaetz and Marco Rubio are uninterested in helping people with preexisting conditions or women with health issues.

I will be thinking about this on Nov. 6, 2018 and encourage each voter in Mr. Gaetz's district to do the same. 

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