CRESTVIEW — A 38-year-old woman accused of grabbing an officer’s groin and his gun was arrested Sunday.

Crestview Police Department officers first encountered the woman at Walmart, where she had allegedly been harassing everyone in the store, according to her arrest report.

The officer found her outside the store and told her she’d been trespassed from the property. She told him her knee and elbow were hurting and that she needed EMS, the report said.

As the officer made the call, she began screaming and yelling at him, telling the dispatcher that the officer was harassing her and she needed help. She then walked back into the store.

The officer followed the suspect and told her that she would have to leave. When she continued to walk away from him, he grabbed her elbow, at which point she threatened to “deck” the officer in the face, the report said.

He drew his Taser and threatened to use it if she didn’t put her hands up. She complied and was handcuffed and then taken to North Okaloosa Medical Center.

Once there, she refused all treatment, forcing them to release her.

An officer then told her she was going to jail, which is when she grabbed his groin and his duty weapon, the report said.

She also had marijuana and a pipe in her purse.

She was charged with resisting an officer with violence, without violence and trespassing after being warned, her report said.