If you wonder why the entirety of Washington and the entrenched ruling class of major cities hate Trump, it is simple.

He may mess up their honey hole, the mindless money faucet that is Washington D.C. — and thus, the power so many derive from it. Too much power over our lives has been sent to D.C. Trump was sent there to bring some of it back to the people, and the “deep state” is fighting him.

Trump has a different POTUS-Operandi than any predecessor, and it concerns the inextricably entrenched elites. He is indelicate, but he's the right person to do it.  It will be a nasty fight. No nice guy ever cleaned house.

Neither side of the aisle wants its ox gored. Republicans want more money for the military, even though we spend four times more on our military than any other country and more than the next eight countries behind us — combined. They keep us scared and fearful that somehow Islamic extremists, who do not have cable TV or processed cheese, will cross the ocean and get us.

You can’t justify an annual trillion-dollar national security budget if you make every country look like Montenegro. Trump shoved aside their president as if his food order number was just called at Chick-fil-A, as if to say, "Montenegro, please!"

In order to grow the military industrial complex, it behooves the political class to keep us in constant fear.

So politicians fight for “their” share of the approximately $4 trillion a year in spending that Washington takes from us and then magnanimously spends on us. To get all they can, congressmen and lobbyists always stay up until the midnight deadline of the spending bill.

If the CBO is right about the numbers on the health care "repeal and replace" bill, it will be one in a row. How can 23 million people lose their insurance if only 10 million are signed up? When the CBO scored ObamaCare in 2013, it estimated that 26 million would be signed up by now. Good enough for government work.

Both parties have their angle at power. Democrats divide the country into classes of aggrieved parties. They remind them that life is unfair, and the Republicans are around to ensure it is so.

Democrats have no evidence but want to move forward to impeach Trump. Then they can get on with impeaching Pence, then Paul Ryan...

North Korea fired another ballistic missile last weekend. So sit tight; the priorities of Democrats are such that they will be holding hearings on Trump’s "Russian collusion" from their undisclosed nuclear bomb shelter near Washington.

Democrats know that if you cannot win on your ideas, you use the technical aspects of law, government and media innuendo to crush your opponents. A clear conscience in a Washington D.C. politician can only mean one thing: the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Add to the entrenched right and left the many corporate cronies, unions, agencies, journalists and foreign diplomats who hide in the fatty folds of this huge government apparatus, and you can see why Trump scares them.

Tensions are high. The Montana Congressional candidate body slammed a reporter.

But the good news for the GOP is that, if politics stays on this body slam trajectory, Republican The Rock can be their next presidential nominee. 

Ron Hart, a libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, is a frequent guest on CNN. Contact him at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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