Ah, Crestview Rocks: AKA the new Pokémon Go! sweeping the Hub City, only better.

This new craze involves smartphones but only to the extent of people taking pictures of what they have found (and displaying them) on social media as opposed to having their eyes diverted from the basic function of looking both ways before crossing the street.

It has the same positive impact on the community as the previous craze, leading people to discover places in Crestview they might otherwise have never gone to — especially on Main Street.

Crestview Rocks surpasses Pokémon Go! in the sense that it’s something that every age group can enjoy and of which they can take part.

Families and friends get together in the evening to paint rocks to be discovered and admired by those who jovially participate in the hobby, and it brings out their creative juices.

Crestview Rocks is another way for businesses to get discovered, and it gives people another reason to go outside to get their much needed — and often neglected — dose of vitamin D.

Of course, with all the positive vibes that this newly beloved hobby attracts, some people just want to watch the world burn.

Unfortunately, there are some in our fair city who feel the overwhelming need to literally trash the joy that Crestview Rocks brings to the people who just want something to enjoy in a city that has little else to offer entertainment-wise.

Now, an interesting aspect of our budding city is that it still has the small-town, everybody-knows-everybody connection, and the kind of people who would throw away painted rocks are also the kind of people who love attention.

With that said, to those who decide to troll our painted-rock-loving public, just remember where you live and who knows you; and remember that large quantities of gravel are easy to access and to dump on your doorstep.

If you want to throw away rocks so bad, I’m sure some would be happy to give you an abundance.

Let people enjoy things.

Johnny C. Alexander is a Crestview resident and freelance writer, photographer and videographer.