CRESTVIEW — For the first time in Crestview High School’s history, 100 percent of seniors walked at graduation; all 449 students walked the stage and received their diplomas. 

Thousands of people packed the bleachers and track at Jack Foster Stadium for the event. The school crest was presented by Hannah Kelsey, and the colors were posted by Crestview’s JROTC cadets. The Pledge ofAllegiance was said by Cameron Wakeland, with the National Anthem sung by senior members of the chorus. 

Brenden Mears began the ceremony with opening remarks, and Jessiane Fortune welcomed students, faculty and guests, and introduced members of the school board. 

Marcus Chambers, assistant superintendent of curriculum; Steve Horton, assistant superintendent of management information services; Nick Kootsouradis, assistant superintendent of operations; Stacie Smith, assistant superintendent of human resources; and school board members Tim Bryant, Dewey Destin, Melissa Thrush, Rodney Walker and Lamar White were among those who attended the event. 

Jacob Cyrus made a graduation address before Dexter Day, Crestview’s principal, spoke to the students. 

“As the principal of Crestview High School, it is my honor to congratulate the Class of 2017,” Day said. “I would like to say how proud I am of you all for your accomplishments throughout your years here at CHS. This is a time to smile and celebrate. 

“As you leave school and move forward in life, I urge you to pursue your dreams. Lou Holtz once said, ‘Ability is what you are capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you do it.’ 

“With the proper attitude, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Remember the lessons learned, the people who helped you achieve each milestone and the preparations they helped you make for the next step of your life. 

“I am proud of each of you and I wish you all happiness, success and the best that life has to offer.” 

The graduating class received over $6 million in scholarships. 

Diplomas were presented by Day; assistant principals Holly Tew, Thomas Harvell and Ella Shaw; and Jody Dunn, master of ceremonies. 

Sean Gabany said closing remarks, and the alma mater was recited by Ethan Mitchell. 

According to Holy Tew, assistant principal, a ratio of about three to one are attending college, about 50  have joined the military and three have joined ROTC programs at their chosen college with plans to join the military after school as officers. 

The class color is matte black, the class flower is a sunflower, the class song is “I’ll Always Remember You” by Hannah Montana, and the class motto is: “And so the adventure begins…”