Editor’s Note: This letter refers to rocks with uplifting messages painted on them. The inspirational stones can be found at countless locations around the city — including outside the Crestview News Bulletin’s North Ferdon Boulevard office.  

Dear editor,

This town has gone rock crazy! Not only am I surprised finding a little painted rock could bring so much joy, but I'm loving it!

Family game nights may be a thing of the past; now families are painting rocks together! Parents and children are flocking to the great outdoors in search of these little treasures.

I've heard many talk about how to bring traffic to Main Street; well, guess what? Main Street is now a popular spot to find or hide your rocks.

Residents are discovering little shops they didn't know we had here and businesses are getting free publicity. Some are jumping right in with their own rocks, offering prizes to those who find them.

Not only have we come together, but we have put down our phones!

One more thing: to the city employee who was seen throwing away these community rocks on Main Street — not very nice!


Angie Nousiainen


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