President Trump has renamed terrorists from monsters to losers.

I agree.

People such as 22-year-old Salmon Abedi, who contrive to inflict such a heinous act as the carnage he recently inflicted in Manchester, England, is the worst of pathetic world losers.

Abedi joins a long list of scum who are so disconnected from rational thinking and healthy emotions that they are filled with hatred; resentment of normal life; (to hurt) loving people who simply want a night out on the town such as an Ariana Grande concert.

In the case of Alyssa Elsman of Portage, Michigan, it was just a fun walk in New York City. She was heinously killed in Times Square most recently by Richard Rojas, who also injured 21 other pedestrians in a killing spree that he hoped would end in his death by the police. He is a sad loser who took a vibrant girl's life.

These world losers spend too much of their lives locked away in their private rooms staring at a computer contriving and discovering how to completely waste their lives by gaining world recognition by killing innocent people.

Instead of getting a real life by mowing grass, building a real career, serving in the military or serving humanity, they seethe inside to destroy or maim a few human beings.

I understand that all human beings have struggles and issues but there is a depravity that some hideous, crazy losers unfortunately stoop to in trying to make themselves feel momentarily better.

The list of losers sadly has grown to a list we can no longer find the space to write about or identify all the names. From around the world now there are people young and old who maniacally and successfully brought about school killings, theater shootings, church murders and concert massacres.

While the national news informs us well of the bad news and the hideous people who are making it happen, we must not forget that most of the world is still filled with good people.

As we face Memorial Day weekend in America, we remember all the good people serving in our military. We remember the many, many men and women who fought valiantly for our country because they were decent, strong and good moral people.

Many of us go to the cemetery this time of year and remember not only our military heroes, but also moms and dads, grandparents, children and siblings and friends who have preceded us in death. We remember them and we miss them.

Last weekend a taxi driver from South Africa gave me a ride and was so thrilled to be working in America. He was a nice guy. A college student working weekends at a hotel helped me with my bags. He's from Sudan and was an articulate, hard-working kind young man happy to be in America. They are winners.

I don't understand the radical evil hatred that permeates a person to end his or her life and the lives of others. They dramatically need a changed way of thinking — a different mind and a different heart. Many are so immersed in such hatred, radicalized we call it, there is no turning back for them.

What can we do? Try to affect the world around us with good. Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. Be alert. There are poisonous vipers in the world and they intend to hurt somebody. You aren't going to change them.

I've always believed in hope. However, I do believe a person can reach a mental/emotional state where they are beyond the help and influences of sane reasonable people.

These people are lost. President Trump called them losers. 


Glenn Mollette is an American syndicated columnist and author.

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