CRESTVIEW — Wade Bean hasn't seen his dog, a male pit bull he named Migo, since April 24, and he wants him back.

"I am completely lost without him," Bean said. "... He is the best dog I've ever had in my life."

In Facebook posts requesting the dog's return, Bean refers to him as his therapy and service dog.

"He hasn't had any formal training, but I had him for about three months when I discovered that he could detect my epilepsy seizures," Bean said. "I went to go check my mail one day and I hadn't had breakfast that morning. He jumped the fence, came up behind me and put pressure on my hand with his mouth."

Bean had a seizure immediately afterward. 

Over time, Migo has become more than a pet to Bean and his son Ethan, 16.

"He's not just a dog, he's a family member ... We all miss him and need him," Bean said. 

From everything he's heard from area residents by phone, in person and on Facebook, he thinks Migo was stolen by people who use pit bulls for dog fighting and breeding in North Okaloosa County.


"I had a complete stranger message me (via Facebook) on Tuesday the 25th (of April). She said she saw a person leading my dog away and she knew it wasn't me. I walk him from here to Walmart and back, so everyone has seen me with him," Bean said.

Bean reported the dog missing to Crestview Police Department and Okaloosa Animal Control. A CPD investigator is assigned to the case, but more evidence is needed, according to CPD Public Information Officer Brian Hughes.

Migo has a scar that runs from his left nostril all the way down his bottom lip, and a broken bottom right tooth, Bean said.

Contact the Crestview Police Department, 682-3544, with information on his whereabouts.