CRESTVIEW—The Crestview Fire Department has two new fire engines in its fleet.

The engines are 2017 Pierce Sabres and custom built to fit the needs of the CFD, according to Chief Tony Holland. Pierce has been building trucks since 1913 and fire engines since 1939.

The engines were leased to the city through Ten-8 Fire Equipment, located in Bradenton. Leasing the vehicles will cost about $109,000 each year for seven years. After seven years, the department can purchase the engines or trade them in for new vehicles.

Leasing allows the department to maintain up-to-date engines and avoid costly repairs or upkeep from older vehicles, Holland said. The two engines being replaced were built in 1985 and 1998, the oldest ones in the fleet, according to Holland.

Currently, the CFD has four pump engines and one ladder truck.

The new engines borrow from the department’s crest colors and add black paint to the exterior for the first time.

Older engines have stationary compartments that require firefighters to lean and reach for equipment. The new ones have sliding storage points that put the equipment immediately in front of responders. These extra seconds can make a difference during an emergency. The updated compartments also allow the crew to carry more equipment, including additional medical equipment.

Each engine features a 1,000-gallon tank for pumping water in the absence of, or prior to connection to, a hydrant line. Several additional hose lines — compared to other models — offer the crew diverse options to fight fires more effectively based on the situation. The engines can pump 1,250 gallons-per-minute.

Interior space is also increased in the new engines. While the crew will likely appreciate the extra personal space from their fellow crewmember, this additional space provides added room for storage of medical and other safety gear. Other features include a monitoring system to signal and record if a crewmember isn't wearing a seatbelt, in the case of an incident.