CRESTVIEW — A man who pushed a pregnant woman while she was holding their child in her arms was charged with aggravated battery, carrying a firearm while committing a crime and child neglect.

The 34-year-old Crestview man had a loaded Glock in his waistband during the incident.

As he was being arrested, he told officers that he’d attempted to destroy cocaine in the back yard, according to his Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The victim told officers she discovered a powdery substance in her bathroom and placed it on her tongue, which went numb. She said she believed the powder to be cocaine and confronted the suspect.

He flushed it down the toilet, the report said.

He then grabbed a gun and threatened to kill himself. When she told him she wanted to call police, he pushed her, causing her to fall.

She was holding their baby at the time, the report said.

Next, he went into the back yard, holding the container the cocaine had been in, and broke it. He yelled at her and started pacing back and forth, holding the gun.

He went to the children’s room and hugged them to say goodbye. When they ran out of the house, he followed them with a shotgun, according to his arrest report.