The money that's shown up is the type used in movies.

DeFuniak Springs Police Department is warning area residents of "funny money" or "Prop Money" that has been passed recently in the area.

“Look it over carefully,” said Police Chief Mark Weeks, when receiving cash.

The money being used, according to a DeFuniak Springs PD news release, is the type used in movies. The bills are very similar to the real thing, but the way to tell the bills are not real is the absence of the word “dollar” anywhere on the fake currency.

The bills also have “For Motion Picture Use Only” and “For Cinematic Use Only” on the front and back.

“This is designed for television production and the movies, not for distribution to anyone. It looks real, but it lacks the security features of genuine currency,” Weeks said.

Businesses doubting the authenticity of currency being used should look carefully and use a counterfeit detector pen or other device.

Anyone who believes they have received a fake bill should call the DeFuniak Springs Police Department at 850-892-8511 or their local law enforcement agency for assistance.