Dear editor,

So now the proof is in the pudding. It all comes to light now, and has for many years, why Crestview is still living in the covered wagon days.

After reading the Crestview Bulletin it was stated by Brenda Smith (Community Redevelopment Agency director) that "without a city master plan, big companies won't even consider looking at us," meaning Crestview.

Why doesn't Crestview have a city master plan (after) all these years? All this loss of revenue going to other cities — and Crestview leaders elected don't care.

It's time to either lead, follow or get the (heck) out of the way, leaders of Crestview. We live in the 21st century. Time to stop circling the wagons and quit listening to people.

Open your eyes around you. The sky is falling. Crestview is the biggest city in population in Okaloosa County. There is no reason for losing all this revenue and giving it to other cities.

This, in turn, tells several residents of Crestview one thing: Crestview has plenty of overhead revenue and (doesn’t) want change.

Taxing Crestview city residents is not the (solution).

Well, leaders of Crestview, it's time to wake up and smell the roses.

It's time to be the rabbit. Not the turtle.




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