CRESTVIEW — Bella the recalcitrant pig is much closer to having a new home after a story appeared online and in Wednesday's Northwest Florida Daily News.

Her owner, Tabatha Blackburn, said she heard from 10 people interested in Bella, a 200-pound white, pot-bellied pig with blue eyes.

"They just want to know her quirks," Tabatha said. "If she's good with kids, which she is, and if she bites, which she doesn't. She's just pushy."

They also want to know if she's overweight, based on the photos which show her short legs holding up a stout barrel body.  Tabatha said Bella is actually a healthy weight and that she sports an "hourglass figure."

"Her stomach does not drag on the ground like most pot-bellied pigs," she said.

A woman who runs a farm animal refuge in Central Florida has offered to come and adopt Bella. But a better option might be a Freeport woman who already has two pigs and has a hot-wire fence that should keep the Houdini-like pig enclosed.

Tabatha will decide within a few days where Bella, who was rescued as a piglet, will be going.

Although Tabatha has been frustrated with Bella and her willful ways, she said she guesses she will miss the pig, who frequently breaks out of her pen to come up to the house and beg.

"I think so," she said. "I'll miss coming out to feed her and finding her standing on my deck staring at me, wanting a treat."