CRESTVIEW — A local resident is offering his time and money to clean up graffiti.

“It’s so inconsiderate for a person to go out and make a town look like that,” Andy — who requested his last name remain anonymous for safety — said about multiple instances of graffiti throughout Crestview.

He’s offering up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of individual(s) responsible for the illegal spray painting. Andy has been in contact with an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office representative for Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers but hasn’t finalized the best method to distribute his reward.

One thing is certain: He is ready to combat the issue and isn’t waiting for an arrest or charge to be made. He’s begun contacting property owners who have been affected by the tagging and is offering to paint over the graffiti for free.

“Crestview is a great little town,” he said. “It’s time to cover that stuff up, man.”

He’s also offered some property owners assistance in securing their buildings to prevent individuals from spray painting them.

Andy hopes his efforts will encourage others to take an active role in their community, in addition to ending the graffiti incidents.

“I’m committed to fixing the problem,” he said. “The people doing this stuff can go get a canvas and paint like all the other painters.”

Graffiti has spiked in Crestview and occurred in Laurel Hill during the past several months.

Call Crime Stoppers at 863-8477 or the Crestview Police Department’s non-emergency line at 682-2055 with any tips on graffiti.

Visit to place a tip to Crime Stoppers.