Editor’s Note: Johnny C. Alexander wrote this as an open letter to Crestview City Councilman-elect Joe Blocker.

Mr. Blocker,

I want to congratulate you on retaining your seat on the Crestview City Council. Humble as you are, you don’t take credit for your victory, nor should you.

You said, "‘If it's the Lord's will, I will be there.’ He did his part and the citizens of Crestview placed their trust, faith and belief in me, their proven leader."

Only 334 citizens of Crestview placed their belief in you; 199 of them, including myself, didn’t.

The rest of the people in your district either didn’t care enough to vote, or didn’t even realize an election was going on.

I suppose it was the Lord’s will for thousands of Crestview’s citizens to be apathetic or uninformed about voting for you or your opponent.

You said, "I ask for help with all things, because without you, the citizens of this city” — again, only 334 — “I would not be in this position. I so desperately need the people's input. Together, we're going to move this city forward rapidly."

If you so desperately need the people’s input, then why do you put out a tiny little hourglass when you’re tired of hearing views that oppose your own, while giving all the time in the world to others?

I remember your claim in one particular meeting that, “This council will have transparency!” This was when one citizen decided to take up the latter part of a meeting to oppose a decision that was already voted on and passed, and Mr. Cox wanted to see you bring out your little hourglass.

And as far as rapidly moving this city forward, do you mean at the pace of northbound traffic on Highway 85 at 5:30 p.m.?

It’s kind of hard to “keep an open communication line with the residents and continue creating a ‘family friendly’ and ‘wholesome’ city,” when you shut down the views of citizens you’re supposed to represent, sir.

I have no doubt you have good intentions for how you want to hold your position in this city.

However, I recall a certain road paved with those same intentions.

I do sincerely hope you keep to your word this time, Mr. Blocker. This time, I would like to suggest taking input from all the citizens of Crestview, not just the 334 who voted for you.

Don’t let your last name continue to be the embodiment of Crestview’s progress.