CRESTVIEW — After standing for more than 60 years, the Okaloosa County Courthouse in Crestview was demolished Tuesday.

The courthouse, at 101 James Lee Blvd. E., opened in 1955 but recently fell into poor condition. Inspectors found mold, asbestos, a leaking roof and a failing heating and air conditioning system.

In October 2015, Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners voted to raze the building and construct a new courthouse on the property. The courthouse closed its doors for the final time in April 2016 and it has further decayed since then.

Several plans were discussed on what to do with the courthouse and property. Ultimately, the construction of a new courthouse on the same plot of land was decided upon. The new project has a set maximum price of about $23.7 million.

"The goal is to achieve a facility that the citizens up here can be proud of and make sure Crestview will be the home of the county courthouse for the next generation," Okaloosa County Commissioner Nathan Boyles said at the time of the decision.

The county expects the new courthouse to be completed by July 2018.