CRESTVIEW — A troupe that tours the country speaking to children about bullying will soon come to Crestview.

The Xtreme Force Live Anti-Bullying Hollywood Stunt Team will perform 6-7:20 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12 at the Crestview Community Center.

The show, intended for all ages, stars Mark Anthony Baca and his Crew 1. It teaches anti-bullying skills, leadership skills and the importance of respecting parents.

The interactive event, presented by Guardian Anti-Bullying, a nonprofit organization, features all four Ninja Turtles, along with the Blue Power Ranger.

Baca, who has done movie stunt work the past 13 years, came up with the concept, which includes a rotation of cast members, depending on their availability and the show’s location.

“I got bullied a lot as a kid and know what it is like to be picked on. I want kids to have positive role models to look up to,” Baca said.

The show is performed three to four times a week and reaches thousands of kids, he said.

Tickets are available at or you can purchase them at the door. Infants get in free; children up to 12 pay $10; and attendees ages 13 and up pay $15.