Dear Editor,

On Thursday, Dec. 1 my wife found a small dog (very cute with a ton of energy) on U.S. Highway 98 in the St. Joe Beach area. When she brought him home I attempted to call Animal Control, but was informed that he was on vacation until Dec. 7. However, I could take him to humane society and they would take him. When I arrived a nice young lady informed me they could only receive dogs from Animal Control. Next, I called the Gulf County Sheriff’s dispatch to explain my problem. The dispatcher immediately took the bull by the horns and contacted Mr. Mark Cothran, Director Public Works which Animal Control falls under. Then, Mr. Cothran stated the issue would be resolved. In the interim, Glae, head of the humane society, arrived and took charge. Bottom line is the sheriff’s dispatchers, Public Worksds and the humane society took time to do the right thing for a small, scared throwway mutt. These caring individiuals acted in a most professional manner. Anywhere along the way I could have been told rules are rules, we can’t do anything until the 7th. That was never the case. They should all be proud of the way they served this county and especially this little dog.

Well done.

Jim Spence

St. Joe Beach