Northwood Elementary

Yvetta Watson's class

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I would like a mona doll for cristmas. I would like a stuff toy for cristmas and it is a shop kin doll. I would like a peri and pearl doll. I would like pompom wow! I would like a doll house for my americn girl.

Ryleigh V.


To Santa, Dear Santa, I want a ps4 and a xbox one and ps4 controllers.

Adam M.


Dear Santa, I wont something for cristmas is baby alive and pompom wow, easy bake, little live pets snuggls,hatchimals, lip gloss.

Addellae E.


To Santa, Dare Santa, I want for Christmas is a hatchimals, trolls,mona toys, barbies, monster high.

Ruby W.


Dear Santa, For Christmas, I want a megamask odon blaster ann a moji pilwo. Can you bring Christmasy the elf.

Alex Z.


Dear Santa, I will like for Christmas one DS.

Malaya G.


Dear Santa, Lego mine craft, I want for Christmas meowzies. Hatchimal and fitbit ulta red and moji pillow. Can I plz have pokemone moon. Can I plz have an xbox one.

Maddox T.


Dear Santa, A wunt a huver bord and ps4.

Calvin W.


Dear Santa, pleas give me hatchimals, silicon baby, art esale, taylor swift poster, litel live pet dog, mermaid blanket, monster high doll, emoji chair, pairis light. That is all I want for crismis.

Shelby J.


Dear Santa, I know ecsaclly what I would like this year. Barbie dream house, my life as a cow girl doll, my life as two horse stable, a tablet, and finally a makeup set and a puppy.

Hanna M.


Dear Santa, I wont some lip glass. Shopkins. Lg phone, Samsung canputer, baby alive, shopkin watch, poppit, pompom wow! Pottery cool, karaoke machine.

Jameirra C.


Dear Santa, I want a hovr bord and a ifhone , I want a dron with a hed set and I want a xbox 1 with the game battle field 1 and I want the game lego dimencin for my ps4. I want a drt bicke.

Aaron H.


Dear Santa, I hope you have a happy crismes. This is what I want for crismes, baby alive and amairican doctel set, puppy alive, head foans and a speecker, and hachibul flipazoo, blind packs and shopkens everything.

Alanis A.


Dear Santa, Ninteno, lego dimensions, hot wheeler and A I racing play set.

Nico F.