Dear editor,

I saw where Barack Obama again criticized and blamed Fox News for its news coverage costing Democrats the election.

He spoke as if Fox News created the people who voted for the president-elect. This is how far the liberal left truly is from reality.

Fox News' first broadcast happened Oct. 7, 1996, so using this liberal thought process, voters who voted Republican also didn't exist until that date. Yet the party is just now, with this election, seen as racist, homophobic, all the other phobias and a basket of deplorable people, according to Hillary Clinton and the liberal left.

The fact is Fox News did not create these people; it was these people and the liberal left news media who created Fox News!

It was the constant left leaning of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, etc., that created a void with their political news coverage. Fox's first broadcast was to 17 million homes and today to 95 million homes.

I guess Barack getting all his credible news from left-leaning news media, as he has said numerous times, explains his confusion for giving such a conceptually wrong political speech — exposing his left-leaning view of reality!