CRESTVIEW — Pamella Dunbar just wants her dog back home and unharmed.

"Our Delilah has been missing since Sept. 27 near Northwood (Arts and Science Academy) in Crestview, Florida,” Dunbar stated in a message to the News Bulletin. "Delilah was sitting on our porch the last time I saw her.”

Dunbar can’t share some characteristics to identify the dog, but that’s only because Delilah came around later in life, and that information simply isn’t available.

"We took Delilah in after finding her covered in fleas and pregnant,” Dunbar said. “I found the owner who stated she couldn't keep her because she is elderly and the dog is too much, so I agreed to keep her.

“I'm not sure how old Delilah is. She is pure black and very sweet.”

Dunbar is sure of one other thing: Just before Delilah disappeared, the dog was enjoying her favorite pastime.

“She loves soaking in the sun rays but when I walked outside to get her to come in, she was gone,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar said she grew close to Delilah after seeing her through pregnancy.

"We helped her through labor and delivery and helped find homes for her babies,” she said.

Anyone with information on Delilah's whereabouts should call Dunbar at 902-7554.