Doctor's orders for Crestview area men: eat less and exercise more

Published: Friday, March 21, 2014 at 06:57 PM.

Hypertension: Medications such as diet pills, stimulants and decongestants; alcohol intake, kidney disease and obesity; males over 45, women over 55, family history, affects blacks more than other races

Prevention and Control: Maintain healthy weight; limit sodium to one teaspoon per day; limit fast food and pre-processed foods; Eat healthfully, including fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy, low saturated fat and cholesterol; drink alcohol in moderation; quit smoking; exercise 30-40 minutes per day

Skin cancer: results from long-term sun exposure such as outdoor occupations and leisure tanning; sunburn; and heredity

Risk Factors: Affects Anglo-Celtic  and Nordic people and those with family history of skin cancer; fair skinned, light haired, blue, green or grey eyes; people who use tanning beds; people with more than 50 moles and freckles

Signs and Symptoms:

Basal cell: Most common skin cancer; open sores that bleed, ooze, crust, persistent, non-healing; shiny bump or nodule, can be confused with a mole; shiny, taut scar-like area

Squamous cell: Second most common skin cancer; Wart-like growth, usually on sun-exposed area, or persistent scaly red patch that can crust or bleed; open sore that persists for weeks, elevated growth that may rapidly grow in size

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