Doctor's orders for Crestview area men: eat less and exercise more

Published: Friday, March 21, 2014 at 06:57 PM.

"There's a lot of good benefits from a simple walk," Weaver said.


Testicular cancer: Highly treatable when diagnosed early; symptoms include a lump or enlargement in either testicle, sudden collection of fluid or feeling of heaviness in scrotum, dull ache in the abdomen or groin, and pain or discomfort in a testicle or the scrotum.

Prostate cancer: Affects the walnut-shaped, semen-producing gland. Often, there are no symptoms, but there can be dull pain in the lower pelvic area, difficulty urinating, slow or low flow, frequent night-time urination, blood in urine, painful ejaculation, and pain in lower back, hips or upper thighs

Prevention: exercise; eating fruits, vegetables, fiber, garlic, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables, watermelon and grapefruit; digesting soy products; and limiting high-fat foods

Colo-rectal cancer: Symptoms include change in bowel habits; blood in stool; stools narrower than usual; frequent gas pains, bloating, fullness or cramps; weight loss for no known reason

Prevention: Decreasing red meat intake, eating more yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables and increasing fiber intake; aerobic exercise four to five times weekly; quit smoking; have regular check-ups after age 40; and have a colonoscopy every three to 10 years after age 50.

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