Author seeks Scriptural solutions to sexuality, abortion, other issues

Published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 03:45 AM.

The number of societal issues facing today's world is staggering. With no clear-cut answers, conflicting viewpoints tend to destroy any attempt to create wellbeing for the human race.

One author now says the answer for mankind's wellbeing and future lies in studying the past.

R.C. Besteder's Adam is a new look at the Adam of the Bible and a complete analysis of the first human on Earth. Exploring Adam's story and relating it to modern times, Besteder looks to clear up confusion about the man who fathered the human race.

"Today there is mass confusion worldwide on a host of issues that are destroying society and threatening the peace of our world,” Besteder said. “We need to know we are one in Adam.”

The knowledge that everyone descends from Adam gives insight on issues such as family, spirituality, sexuality, racism, abortion, divorce and morals. Besteder believes the human race needs to look back to their origins in order to fix problems in today’s society.

Adam encourages readers to look beyond racism, stamp out violence and pay special attention to family, according to a spokesperson. It helps readers seek the truth and build a more harmonious future for mankind.

"If we want to understand ourselves and what we're to be about, we've got to go back to the beginning when it all started," Besteder said.

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R.C. Besteder has studied the Bible for decades and has read it through more than thirty times. He also has a passion for history and has a degree in history earned while preparing for Christian ministry. His passion for understanding Adam has led to the constant study of mankind. Besteder has served as an Air Force Chaplain for 21 years and a civilian pastor more than 21 years, working to help others understand the Bible.

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