COMMENTARY: Examining religious discrimination in America

Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 02:26 PM.

A church or religious entity traditionally has not hired ministers that were practicing thieves, murderers or liars or living with someone not in a legal marriage relationship. Is this discrimination? I don't think so. The average employer in America is only using common sense if they decide to terminate someone because that person is a thief or liar, or maybe causing disruption in the office by sleeping around with all the staff.

Religious entities that interpret the Bible as saying that a gay lifestyle is an unacceptable lifestyle should never be forced to hire someone that is gay. There are a few churches that are hiring gay persons because they believe it is acceptable.

This is America where we have freedom of religion. Keep in mind there are also thousands of churches that still would never hire a woman to serve as a minister. There are also many that would never dream of hiring a divorced minister because they believe divorce is biblically unacceptable.

 Arizona badly blundered on the concept of trying to create a law that allows discrimination in any business realm based on religious belief.  Could this apply to someone divorced? Could they apply this rule to someone that is a habitual liar? What about church deacons who curse, smoke, chew and date girls who do?  Would this rule apply to fat Christians? Whoops... sorry I forgot that gluttony is the Christian sin of choice.

Many of the very best people I know I met in church. However, religious people can be some of the meanest people in the world. A religious crowd was involved in nailing Jesus to the cross. Religious people are at the root of the problems in the Middle East.

If someone refuses to do business with another person it should not be based on prejudices and perceptions. Anyone abiding by the law and living in a respectful manner that is not disruptive or harmful to society deserves the same services as anyone else.

Finally, I doubt if an African-American church will ever offer me a job as their senior pastor, although I would really like that.

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