Walker students learn about Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs

Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 04:03 PM.

The film, like the book, opens with the back story about the real Chitty, which was called just Chitty Bang Bang. The count would build three more Chittys. The kids learned how an exciting story about four real cars could lead to an adventure book, which became a film, and then a stage musical.

Now, however, it’s the book that’s caught their imaginations, Boxberger said. Her students have been keeping Chitty Chitty Bang Bang diaries, drawing pictures of the car and her adventures, and writing down their impressions of the story as it unfolds.

“The most exciting part is when they get to the skeleton dangling on the car,” Vincent Cipriano said, of a key scene when Chitty is driving through a cave used by gangsters as their hideout.

“My favorite part is when the buttons started turning red and it said, ‘Pull,’” Joseph Frazier said. “Mr. Pott kept refusing and then it said ‘Pull Idiot.’ That was funny.”

After comparing photos of the original four Chitties to photos of the film car, Alexis Privitera observed, “The car in the movie has wings but the one that’s real doesn’t.”

The kids, who are studying the Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Connections in Education curriculum, described as “slim to none,” to quote Vincent, the chances that the two-ton film Chitty could generate enough lift with its dinky little wings to actually take flight. But the concept, even if helped by Hollywood special effects, caught their imaginations.

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