CRESTVIEW The city of Crestview submitted the following agenda for its next meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 22 at City Hall.

CRESTVIEW The city of Crestview submitted the following agenda for its next meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 22 at City Hall.

1.      Approval of Consent Agenda: 

a.       Approval of the minutes for the October 8, 2012 regular Council meeting, and the October 19, 2012 Special Meeting.

b.      Approval of invoice in the amount of $5,474.30 for professional services. Requested by Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A.

c.       Approval to accept a $300.00 donation from Walmart to the Police Department for the purchase of AED Equipment.

2.      Presentation of Awards Mayor. .

a.       Employee Awards.

3.      Citizens Business:

a.       Sister Cities International Jim Mills.

b.      Request approval to set up a Cantina at a location chosen by the City of Crestview Lieutenant Jessica Welch, Corps Officer/ Pastor for the Salvation Army.

c.       Tri-County Small Area Studies - Ken Little, Military Sustainability Partnership Coordinator.

4.      New Business:

a.       Ordinance #1487 - providing for a waiver period for the collection of the traffic impact fee; - First Reading- Administrative Services.

b.      Request for Workshop for Ordinance 1487 set for Council Meeting 11-26-12 and second reading public hearing set for Council Meeting 12-10-12.

c.       Resolution 12-17 Formation of Supervisory Union for Fire Department City Clerk.

d.      Trim Certification City Clerk.

e.       Discuss EDC Funding City Clerk.

f.       Appointment of liaison for Elder Affairs; Community for a Lifetime City Clerk.

g.      Reimbursement for league committee travel Councilman Iannucci.

h.      Council Representative for the Main Street Association Councilmember Helt.

5.      Mayoral Report.

6.      Business from the Floor.

a.       Yellow Card Submissions.

b.      Impromptu Yellow Card discussions

7.      Adjournment.

Note:  Citizen Business is business that was submitted by a citizen or group of Citizens no later than the Wednesday prior to the meeting to the Clerk's office for approval.  Supporting documents must be submitted at this time to be on the regular agenda.    All New Business is for staff and elected officials only, and must be submitted for approval no later than the Friday one week prior to the meeting.   Those not listed on the regular agenda who wish to address the council should fill out a yellow card.  The Card must be submitted to the City Clerk.  Speaking time should be five minutes or less, large groups may designate a spokesperson.  All remarks should be addressed to the Council as a whole and not to individual members.  All meeting procedures are outlined in the Meeting Rules and Procedures brochure available outside the Chambers.